High Barrier Induction Seals

We offer huge collection of high barrier induction seals that is fabricated using high grade material to ensure that it of high quality.

Induction Seals & Wads(HDPE Bottles)

Our range of induction seals and wads for HDPE bottles are manufactured using high-grade material.

Induction Seals & Wads (PET Bottles)

Our range of induction seals and wads for PET Bottles is available in the market as SV-IPET series. We are manufacturing our range of products using...

Induction Seals (Glass Bottles)

We offer a diverse range of induction seals for glass bottles that are highly valued by our clients. Our range is fabricated using premium material...

Aluminium Foils

We supply various grades of Aluminium Foils and lidding foils.

Sun-vi Packaging Updates

Nowadays people are getting more aware of the benefits of an induction sealing wad rather than using a simple Aluminium foil seal.

Induction Seals

We are the most trusted brand for induction seals in India.We have extensive facility and state of the art technology for bulk manufacturing of induction seals

Induction Seal Specifications

Backing Material Pulp Or Suitable Alternate backing 550- 700 gsm. Wax 15-20 gsm.